Continuing the pursuit of “beautés du monde” high jewellery exhibition produced by A.D.R in Bangkok, cartier host a high-end gala dinner in the Wat chai watthanaram, an iconic sacred temple which opened its doors to a private event for the very first time.

A.D.R designed a monumental scenography to embark 200 privileged guests into a memorable journey. Following an immersive path, guests walked through thai arches to discover the links between the house of cartier and Thailand. Between history & culture, style & know-how, they attended an unrivalled thai dance performance then enjoyed a jewellery show during an exclusive dinner.

A.D.R also created a panoramic light and sound show magnifying the temple and showcasing the creativity through tradition and modernity. The gala dinner ended with an exceptional private concert by the international artist Leona Lewis then a dance party with dj.